What is 925 Sterling Silver ?

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 9 2 5     S t e r l i n g      S i l v e r 

    When you're shopping for silver jewelry you need to consider more than just the style. You need to make sure they're genuine, so the authenticity of sterling silver needs to be checked.

    Like gold, silver is internationally priced and its value fluctuates, downward or upward, depending on global supply and demand. In jewelry, it is impossible to use pure silver or solid silver (99% to 100% concentration) because it is too soft. To make silver stronger, alloy metals are added to it, most often copper. This is why jewelers are able to achieve the most intricate and sophisticated designs with 925 Sterling Silver.

   Defined under the name "Silver 925" or "Sterling Silver", it has a minimum content of 92.5% pure silver. 925 silver jewelry is identified with a hallmark. Before any purchase, verify authenticity by simply looking on the inside of a ring or on the clasp of a necklace, for example, to make sure the item is genuine silver. Be wary if the hallmark does not appear there, and even more if names other than "Silver 925",  "S925" are used to describe the product.

Be careful when making the distinction between 925 Silver and silver plated. Silver plated is different from real silver because only the surface of the jewelry is coated with real silver and the rest of the item is made of copper or nickel alloy.


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